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AGILITY - INDOOR (McTavish Rd. areana)

Location and start-up info:
Map McTavish Rd. N. Saanich -
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Introduction and/or brand new dogs learning Agility. Fun for Everyone:

Group Agility classes are held year round. these classes are targeted to meet all of your agility needs to enter competitions or to play agility for fun! These offer a sociable learning experience for everyone and allow for dogs to work under social distractions. You will learn not only from your instructors, but also from your classmates.

Introduction or Beginner Agility classes are offered as an evening or day class. They are held at the McTavish Rd Arena (evenings, indoors).
-These classes are designed for dogs newer to agility and are close to or over 10 months old.
-Some basic agility equipment performance is taught in a safe, stress free way.
-Dogs (and owners) build confidence and skills
-You will learn focus, handling basics and advanced agility equipment performance.

Advanced Agility- (Held
at McTavish Rd Arena/Heritage Acres.)
-These classes are for graduates our Starters program or for dogs competing in Advanced. -Obstacle discrimination, handling of courses at higher levels and harder sequences are taught.
-Games and rules are explained.

Elite/Masters - (Held
at McTavish Rd Arena/Heritage Acres.)
-These classes are for those who have graduated from our Advanced Agility program or for dogs who are competing at Masters levels.
-Complex obstacle discrimination and high-end handling of courses at the Masters level are taught.
-Games and rules at the Masters levels are explained.

Private Lessons
AVID offers private instruction for a one-on-one training experience. This is a perfect option to maximize your time to train for agility. Also a great option for multiple dogs. Some people use this option to have some fun with thier dog that likes to work alone.

Private Lessons are by far the best way to learn how to train your dog. Having your own private coach to teach you to make the necessary modifications to your training will ensure that you get the results you desire.

The two main advantages with private lessons are: 1/we can concentrate the entire lesson on you and your dog, customizing the training to meet your needs. 2/We can schedule your lessons anytime during the week day or on some weekends. Currently we are offering these sessions Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday during the day.

We can work all aspects of agility training with fully approved agility equipment including handling, focus work, motivation, games, contacts, distance etc.

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Next New Agility Classes!
For Brand New Dogs and People!

Wednesay Apr 11th (Indoors)
Evenings - (McTavish Rd)
7PM New Dogs & Starters(4 instructors)
Adv-Masters at 6PM

Wednesay Apr 11th (Indoors)
Days - (McTavish Rd)
New Dogs & Starters/Adv 1 PM
Masters 12noon.

Outdoor Lessons $150.00
May 7 th (Heritage)
10 AM to 3PM.

Private Indoor Instruction with France
Mon to Friday - Email France

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